Leaking film cassettes

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> jmanalig at blue.weeg.uiowa.edu (jose) wrote:
> >Here's a basic question.  I've got a whole bunch of Xray film cassettes
> >that leak, usually only from one corner or another.  Is there a quick and
> >cheap way to salvage these things? I'd appreciate any info on this.
> >
>  We have used Xray cassette secruity bags from Midwest Sci.  (32.90 for
the 17x21 size).  They are fairly sturdy and keep the casset=
> tes light tight.  In a pinch you can always rely on a heavy duty black
garbage bag.

you can also go to a craft or fabric store, buy some new thick, black felt
and re-felt the top of the cassette using some of that spray adhesive
photo mounting stuff.  this works really well but is kind of time
intesive.  i reccomend using this only if your lab has a work-study
student sitting around with nothing to do.  that's the way my old lab did
it...unfortunately it was when i was the work-study student sitting around
with nothing to do.  after i wasn't the work-study student any longer the
lab just bought the bags instead.


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