Preprint: Amplify complete HIV-1 provirus (virtually)

Mika Salminen msalminen at
Mon Sep 11 20:43:24 EST 1995

To anyone who would like to amplify and clone the entire HIV-1 in a single step:

Due to widespread interest in the topic, we are placing a preprint of our
manuscript (To appear in Virology, October 20th (c) 1995, Academic Press,
inc.) named:

" Recovery of Virtually Full Length HIV-1 Provirus of Diverse Subtypes
from Primary Virus Cultures Using the Polymerase Chain Reaction " 
Mika O. Salminen 1, Christine Koch 1, Eric Sanders-Buell 1, Philip K.
Ehrenberg 1, Nelson L. Michael 2, Jean K. Carr 1, Donald S. Burke 2 and
Francine E. McCutchan 1. 
1. Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine
and 2.Division of Retrovirology, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research,
MD. 20850

on our new WWW webpage. It includes all graphics and text of the
manuscript as well as detailed Lab-protocols for the actual amplification
and cloning of the products.

The webpage adress is:

and it includes other topics which might be of interest for virologists

Please have a look!

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