power supply banan-plug splitter cable

Saurav Misra saurav at tgevax.life.uiuc.edu
Mon Sep 11 20:27:50 EST 1995

Sara Contente <contente at usuhsb.usuhs.mil> writes:

>AlsobrooJP at MASPO3.MAS.YALE.EDU (John Alsobrook) wrote:
>> Greetings bio-folk.  Does anyone know where one can obtain a banana-plug 
>> "Y" cable so we can plug two gel boxes into one pair of DC output banana 
>> jacks?  The power supply has plenty of amp/volt headroom to run both gels... 
>> we just can't plug in two sets of cables.  The "manufacturer" (actually, the 
>> reseller) is of no help.  I've searched catalogs (and radio shack, even) to no 
>> avail; local hardware and electronic outlets don't have anything suitable, 
>> either.  I would greatly appreciate any suggestions... at the moment I've 
>> rigged one by soldering some cables together, but I'd like something that 
>> looks cleaner and would probably be safer as well.   

>If you can make a double "female" lead, then the two boxes can be
>connected in series. That is, the "positive" end of box 1 and the
>"negative" end of box 2 are connected by the double female lead. The
>extreme ends of the two boxes are connected as usual to the power 
>supply using "normal" leads.

>I think this will work-- you will have to adjust the voltage up to
>maintain the same "volts/cm" because the distance between the two
>electrodes is now the distance from box 1 negative to box 2 positive.

>Good Luck.

>Sara Contente
>USUHS Dept. of Pathology
>Bethesda, MD

You shouldn't even have to do that; you could just get "stackable cables"...
that is, the plugs themselves should have a socket in the back of the plug
head into which you can plug another banana cable.  As far as I know, these
are more or less standard...

	Here's an ASCII rendering of what I mean...

	|| The pin (plug) itself
       [  ]
       [  ]
       [  ]  Jacket
       [  ]
       ||This should be a socket, right at the base
 cord  ||

I hope that made sense; also, I'm assuming your cables have male connectors
at both ends...or at least on the end that plugs into the supply.

-Saurav Misra
 saurav at tgevax.life.uiuc.edu


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