Rnase Protection Assays

David L. Haviland, Ph.D. HAVILAND at KIDS.WUSTL.EDU
Mon Sep 11 12:17:26 EST 1995

In <1995Sep5.161710.9596 at alder.cc.kcl.ac.uk> rcha244 at bay.cc.kcl.ac.uk writes:

> Can anybody out there tell me whether it is absolutely necessary to gel 
> purify your labelled RNA probe prior to hybridisation with the target 
> RNA. If not it would make the technique much more user friendly. 
> Thanking you in anticipation.

Greetings Paul:

Purify the probe, yes, through a gel?  That's up to you.  Personally, I 
used the G25 spin columns from BMB that were sold as being RNAse free.  
These worked very well for me when I was doing RNAse protection assays.

Hope this hels,

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