Azide inhibition of HRP

Wed Sep 13 02:13:55 EST 1995

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>Subject: Azide inhibition of HRP
>Date: Tue, 12 Sep 1995 21:11:11 GMT

>Perhaps this was unknown only to me,
I'm afraid you are right here, I think it is generally known and described 
in literature.
>but today I learned (after botching
>up three experiments) that horse radish peroxidase is inhibited by azide.
>If you use azide in your wash and/or incubation buffers for western
>blotting ECL analyses you will get virtually No Signal. This isn't even
>stated in the literature from Amersham! I guess they figure nobody uses
>azide as a preservative. >:-|
My guess would be that they figured everybody knew.
>So it goes.
and just to prevent you from another set-back, 
never use PBS with alkaline phosphatase, the phosphate inhibits the enzyme,
so you should use TBS.

good luck

Anthony Bominaar

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