EtBr filter for CCD camera?

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>Subject: EtBr filter for CCD camera?
>Hi there,
>we have a neat setup of CCD camera connected to the computer and are 
>taking pictures of anything short of EtBr stained DNA on agarose gels.
>When I tried to do this, camera took very high bacground of UV bulbs, 
>even showing some numbers written on bulbs.  I wasn't able to block this 
>background by orange filter, which we routinely use for photography of 
>EtBr stained DNA on agarose gels (on Polaroid films).  Neither UV blocking 
>filter did any difference.
>I think that some of the light emitted from UV source is actually of visible 
>blue color, which goes through UV blocking filter and also through orange 
>filter.  Do you have anybody suggestion what filter shoud we use (and it's 

A simple solution would be to irradiate the gel from the side like so:

                                      UV source

This would eliminate direct UV from getting to the camera.
The standard screw-on orange filter would suffice.

Hope this helps.  Good luck.

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