labeling oligos for FISH

Scott Cain scain at
Wed Sep 13 12:19:32 EST 1995

Hi all,

I am relatively new to the world of fluorescent in situ
hybridization, so I thought I would ask a few questoins here.  I
want to do FISH with oligos.  I think I will probably get the oligos
synthesized in house and buy Molecular Porbes labeled nucleleotides
and end label the oligos.  The problem is, I don't know what kit to
use to do the end labeling (and clean up afterwards).

I talked to a tech service person at Mol Probes, but she was not
particularly forth coming with a suggestion (want to cover their
butt in case what they suggest doesn't work, no doubt).  The labeled
nucleotides will likely be labeled with BODIPY-FL, Texas Red and/or
Cascade Blue (Chromatides(tm)).

Do you have any experience with labeling, clean up and subsequent
FISH with any of the many kits for doing end labeling?  If so, I
would really like to have you input.

Thanks so much
Scott Cain
scain at

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