Please repost boiling miniprep method

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Thu Sep 14 09:18:23 EST 1995

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> I have been searching though old archives for an article regarding boiling
> minipreps (triton) with minor modifications, but can't find it.  it was
> originally posted late 93-spring 94, and came out of the discussion
> regarding minipreps and sequncing of ds templates.
> The original posting was from England, and described using foam boxes for
> hold the eppies + some other neat timesaving tips.
> I need the protocoll for a student, and my copy is somewhere over the
> Atlantic on a boat....
> (Yes, I have tried searching throuhg the web, but the darn net keeps
> crashing ..).
> Appreciate any help.
> Kristin

Isn't this the Maniatis method? I think there is one in the manual.


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