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Richard Rohan (rrohan at wrote:
: Sami Kohan <skohan at> wrote:

: >Why is it standard to use DNA oligonucleotides in PCR when in vivo, when
: >DNA is replicating, the polymerase use RNA primers?

: Probably because the chemistry for synthesis of DNA oligos is much easier and
: thus RNA oligos are more expensive or possibly not available when commercial
: PCR was developed.  I vaguely recall that in Dupont's "prior art" suit against
: PCR they cited something in the original taq polymerase papers that closely
: resembled PCR except using tRNA primers. 

Using RNA primers would require an RNA-dependant DNA polymerase activity 
for use in PCR.

RNA is also not very stable when heated in the presence of magnesium.

Does anybody have a reference for the papers mentioned?

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