Usefulness of 96 -well PCR

Craig Echt cecht at
Thu Sep 14 11:42:18 EST 1995

Sabah<shussain at> wrote:
>Dear netters. I have been offfered a 96-well PCR (MJ research) machine and
> I need to know the advantages of this format over 0.5 or 0.2 ml well format.
> I appreciate your help in this matter.

We've found that the main advantage in using a 96-well microtitre format is that it greatly reduces the chance of mixed up samples at any stage of analysis, from PCR set-up to gel loading.  Template DNA or primers can be aliquoted in 96-well format and PCR products can be loaded in a gel cast with a microtitre format comb (2x, 3x or 4x offset).  Another obvious advantage is the speed and efficiency of using a 8- or 12-channel pipeter.

Be aware that, if the MJ machine is for U-bottom plates, the manufacturers of U-bottom plates do not recommend their use for PCR (I believe because they are made of PVC).  It is preferable to use the V-bottom standard - either 0.2 ml Microamp-type tubes or V-bottom plates.  U-bottom MJ machines can be retrofitted with a V-bottom heating block.

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