What's the skinny on ALF vs LI-COR?

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Fri Sep 15 19:17:38 EST 1995

In <1995Sep14.141932.310 at chmeds.ac.nz>, ajeffs at chmeds.ac.nz writes:
>I am currently involved in decision-making on the purchase of an automated 
>sequencer. Price wise, ABI 373/377 is ridiculous, and performance wise so 
>is the ABI 310. So its boiling down to a shoot-out btw the new ALFexpress
>from Pharmacia or the new LI-COR. I've had a single days hands-on demo with 
>the ALF, and it was pretty groovy, and an in-lab demo with the LI-COR has been 
>arranged. I would appreciate any feed-back from you sequencer types out there
>that use, or have had experience with, either ALF or LI-COR (or both), re.
>any foibles, glitches, hidden costs, good bits etc. that either machine may
>Aaron Jeffs
>Cytogenetic and Molecular Oncology Unit
>Dept. of Pathology
>Christchurch School of Medicine
>Christchurch, Nuke-free New Zealand

You have another follow-up (Wolfgang S-- ?) which pretty much sums up 
the situation. I will send out a detailed comparison as soon as I find it.  
Our core facility chose a Li-Cor, and it has performed impressively.  It read
900 bases the day it was plugged in, and has continued to work well. 
Li-Cor is clearly the best (over ABI and ALF) for technology, reliability, 
low operating cost, and versatility. Technical support is good.

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