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> We have been using Robbins Scientific ovens for several years of heavy
> use now.  There were some problems with the thermostat early on, but
> Robbins replaced it for free.  I'm sure they've got that bug worked
> out now.  The only other problem we've had is some slippage in the
> drive mechanism, but it's not a problem if you balance your load, which
> you should do anyway.  By and large, we're pretty happy with them.
> Hope this helps,
> Cathy
Postscript to the above previously posted article:
The drive chain on one of our Robbins incubators broke earlier this week. 
A hassle, but Robbins is replacing it for free, and it looks like I may be
able to install it myself (despite being somewhat mechanically challenged
;-) ).  Robbins has been such a great company to deal with that I still
recommend their oven, even though it hasn't been problem-free.

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