HortScience Address

C. S. Prakash Prakash at ACD.TUSK.EDU
Mon Sep 18 13:24:07 EST 1995

lees at sask.usask.ca Wrote:
>I plan to submit a paper to HortScience. Would anyone provide me 
>address/phone/fax  of HortScience Journal or Editorial board?
>Or provide me guideline for writing.

Lee:  Here it is....
American Society of Horticultural Science
113 SouthWest St, 400
Alexandria, VA 22314-2824

ashs at umail.umd.edu
Phone 703 836 4606
Fax   703 836-2024

C. S. Prakash                                  Voice (334) 727 - 8023 
Tuskegee University                            Fax (334) 727 - 8067
School of Agriculture,Tuskegee                 Email:  Prakash at Acd.Tusk.Edu
Alabama 36088 USA                              

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