Sinthetic peptides manufacturer

Nigel Kenward mbxnjk at
Mon Sep 18 02:47:27 EST 1995

Giorgio Spagnol <spagnol at> wrote:

>Dear fellow researchers,
>would anyone be so kind as to indicate me a reliable and cheap
>manufacturer of sinthetic peptides?
>Giorgio Spagnol

Hi Giorgio,
There are no CHEAP manufacturers - it's a complicated procedure which 
uses expensive chemicals. We have an in-house synthesizer which provides 
terriffic quality at competitive prices. The success of the synthesizer 
doesn't directly affect the department, so I'm not biased - I just would 
reccommend what I consider to be a very good service.
Contact John Keyte,
Biopolymer Synthesis and Analysis Unit,
Department of Biochemistry,
Nottingham University.
Clifton Boulevard,

Fax: (+115) 9422 225

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