Blunt-end Ligation

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> I am experiencing problems with my blunting reactions - Trying to blunt
> the sticky ends of sites Xba 1 and Nde 1. I tried various kits like the
> Sure-clone blunting kit, Amersham blunting kit and the conventional 
> blunting reactions (Klenow). However, ligations have been performed,
> but did not obtain any transformants.A positive control - Self-ligation 
> was also done in parallel to see if the ligations were working.
> The positive control worked but the ligations of the supposedly
> blunt-ended vector and insert failed.Hence I deduce that the blunting
> reaction did not work in order for a ligation to occur.Any suggestions?

You can always try including some radioactive nucleotides in the fill-in
reaction to see if anything is actually happening.


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