EtBr filter for CCD camera?

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> : >From: Pavel Sova <ps44 at>
> : >Subject: EtBr filter for CCD camera?
> : >
> : >Hi there,
> : >we have a neat setup of CCD camera connected to the computer and are 
> : >taking pictures of anything short of EtBr stained DNA on agarose gels.
> : >
> : >When I tried to do this, camera took very high bacground of UV bulbs, 
> : >even showing some numbers written on bulbs.  I wasn't able to block this 
> : >background by orange filter, which we routinely use for photography of 
> : >EtBr stained DNA on agarose gels (on Polaroid films).  Neither UV blocking 
> : >filter did any difference.
> : >
> : >I think that some of the light emitted from UV source is actually of
> : >blue color, which goes through UV blocking filter and also through orange 
> : >filter.  Do you have anybody suggestion what filter shoud we use (and it's 
> : >number)?
> : >

CCD cameras are very sensitive to IR light, which the UV illuminator emits
plenty of.  You need a good band pass filter that blocks from UV to IR. 
We use one from Omega Optical [(802)254-2690].  It's a glass band pass
filter (585 +/- 35 nM) mounted in a 49 mM screw-on filter holder.  It
blocks from UV to 1.2 µm and cost us $325.

Just call them up, tell them what you want and they'll make it for you and
ship it to you in a couple days.  We tried a number of different filter
setups before finding this one, and this filter is great.

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