Northern Blot - METHYLENE BLUE

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Tue Sep 19 16:32:28 EST 1995

 Try this reference:  RNA blots:  staining procedures and optimization of 
conditions.  Wilkinson et al.  NAR 19(3):679  (1990).  They used 
methylene blue to stain the entire blot and claim that they got only a 
30% reduction in hybridization signal after probing.  Good Luck.

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On 19 Sep 1995 Dirk at .MISSING-HOST-NAME. wrote:

> Morning,
> We would like to establish the "intactness" of our RNA after Northern Blotting and before hybridisation with a probe.
> Is it possible to stain  a Gene Image Hybound membrane with something to see the rRNA blotted? I heard something about Methylene blue or Gold Stain??
> Could this be a good method to verify the amount of RNA (in stead of using an actine probe).
> Thanks,
> 	 Dirk
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