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> Is it possible to stain  a Gene Image Hybound membrane with something to
see the rRNA blotted? I heard something about Methylene blue or Gold
> Could this be a good method to verify the amount of RNA (in stead of
using an actine probe).
> Thanks,
>          Dirk
We use Amersham's Hybond N, a neutral nylon membrane, for our Northerns,
and stain them (after UV crosslinking) with a methylene blue solution. 
Combine 45 mls 3M NaAcetate pH 5.3 and 225 mls ultrapure water (doesn't
have to be DEPC water, but I'd want to be resonably sure there had been no
grubby fingers in it).  Add about 5 mg methylene blue, shake/stir till
dissolved.  Soak blot in stain 5 min, destain in water 5 min.  The first
time I tried this, I made two identical blots, stained one but not the
other, and hybridized them both.  The autorads were identical.  (Sorry I
don't have a reference for this, got the method from a colleague.)

Good luck!

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