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Tue Sep 19 13:12:55 EST 1995

Andy Kravetz (akravetz at Walden.MO.NET) wrote:

: Robert Horton (horton at wrote:
: > ...
: > It is still considered good form to cite sources, even on the Net.
: Robert is right and I should have posted the sources. I was not 
: trying to take any credit, merely trying to help a fellow scientist
: out.  If my intentions were misconsrued, then I am sorry...

On re-reading my previous reply, I see it is more harshly worded than I 
intended. Andy was being helpful, and I hope I haven't discouraged him 
from speaking up in the future. Sorry.

I hope people realize that asking folks to cite sources for methods is 
not *just* an ego thing. Referencing papers in this group (hopefully) 
increases their chances of being cited in press, which helps people 
justify the effort they spend developing methods. And the papers do 
tend to go into greater detail than the posts. Besides that, being cited 
gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling :)

But I promise to try to be nicer about it from now on.

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