Taq errors

Peter Kaplan kaplan at research.nj.nec.com
Tue Sep 19 12:03:26 EST 1995

In article <4390q4$sad at infa.central.susx.ac.uk> bafq5 at central.susx.ac.uk (Stephen Perry) writes:
>Does anyone have a reference or personal information about
>misincorporation rates of Taq polymerases? A comparison study would be
>most useful. Also, information about how to reduce misincorporations
>would be useful.
>Steve Perry.

Eckert & Kunkel, The fidelity of DNA polymerases used in the
polymerase chain reactions, chp 14 of PCR: A practical approach,
McPherson Quirke and Taylor, ed.  IRL Press  (Oxford, 1991).

The error rate increases with concentration of dNTP's and Mg++


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