freeze-drier for HPLC fractions

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Tue Sep 19 09:48:07 EST 1995

On 19 Sep 1995, Denni Schnapp wrote:

> Dear netters,
> We are doing a lot of reverse phase HPLC separation of peptides
> with ACN gradients in 0.1% TFA. We need to freeze-dry our HPLC
> fractions and are currently thinking about obtaining our own
> freeze-drying system. Several people have told me that neither ACN
> nor TFA are particularly good for the pump. So, does anyone know
> about what type of (cheap!) pump may be best suited for the job?
> Any experiences?
> Thanks for your advise!


ACN and TFA are not very good for the pump.  However, I have used a Savant 
"Speed-Vac" with a cold trap to dry my HPLC samples instead of a 
classic freeze drier.  As long as the cold trap is maintained, there should 
be little damage to the pump.  Hope this helps.



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