V8 protease

Ralph Schuster gka1 at d1.hrz.uni-giessen.de
Wed Sep 20 08:54:33 EST 1995

Hi world,

we are currently trying to treat virus with V8 protease and    
subsequently to apply the treated virus to cells in culture at 
medium ph 5.5. The problem with this is that the inactivation
of the protease with pefablock (Boehringer) does not seem
to work 100% as the cells do die after a 6 hour inkubation,
which is not the case with the pH 5.5 alone .
Does anyone know if the inactivation of V8 by pefablock 
can be inhibited by the low pH (which is, unfortunately, necessary) ?
Or does anyone know of a better way to inactivate V8 protease in 
cell culture ?

In hope for an answer ...

Ralph Schuster
Med. Virologie
Giessen / Germany
R.Schuster at viro.med.uni-giessen.de

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