"recycling" Qiagen plasmid prep columns

"Marianne Leverone ", BIO leverone at CHUMA.CAS.USF.EDU
Wed Sep 20 08:12:18 EST 1995

John:  I have reused Qiagen 100 columns and I get the same yield each 
reuse for about 4 times (although the yield does seem to drop a little 
bit each use).  I use one type of plasmid per column and after 
elution of the plasmid, I just let the column dry at room temp. then 
store it in a plastic bag until it gets reused.  I used to wash the 
column with wash buffer and then add elution buffer before drying but I 
found that this didn't help and sometimes the column got clogged up.  
Marianne Leverone, Univ. of South Florida, Biology Dept. Tampa, FL  

On 18 Sep 1995, John Bradsher wrote:

> Dear netters:
>         I have a general interest that I wonder if someone can help me
> with.  I have used Qiagen plasmid prep columns for large scale
> purifications, and I wonder if these things can be re-used.  I am by
> training a biochemist and I would believe that one should be able to
> extensively wash a column and regenerate it such that a subsequent round of
> plasmid purification could be done.  Of course, each such column that is
> used is identified with respect to the plasmid purified, such that
> subsequent columns would only be used for purifications of the same
> plasmid.  So, what I'm looking for here is empirical data on what things
> people have tried, and what degree of success these methods have had.
> Specific interests of mine would include what elutions that you have used
> to eliminate the retained protein and RNA from these columns (including any
> notes you may want to throw in on theory), what methods you prefer to
> document the completeness of the elution of such garbage, and what kinds of
> yields you have documented from subsequent plasmid preps.  This would also
> include any data on the distribution of the product into supercoiled and
> nicked circular species.  Additionally, I would like to know anything about
> the stability of these columns in aqueous media, both before and after
> regeneration, if such data is available.  To be to the point, documentation
> counts here; anyone that can show me a good result from such a procedure
> should also be able to give quantitative data on the success of the
> process.  Let me know what you think.   Thanks

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