Ligations. Do them o/n.

Mad Dan Eccles rpgrant at
Wed Sep 20 11:41:16 EST 1995

"tales from the officers' mess"

Successfully, I have ligated cohesive (sticky) ends at RT for 90', with 1 unit 
igase in 20ul rxn mix, _and_ overnight at RT using 1/5 unit ligase.  For blunt 
ends, I tend to use 1 U ligase in 20ul for 4-5 h at RT.

Ligase is GBP86 from a famous German Big enzyMe company, we get a 20% 
discount.  At GBP 86 for 500 units, that's 17p/ligation, or 3.5p/ligation when 
used at 1/5.

Good cloning,
Richard P. Grant MA DPhil      rpgrant at
Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Oxford.

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