Problem with PCR! Just recieving smear

Anja Berger bergera at
Wed Sep 20 07:27:26 EST 1995

Hello there
I am trying by the moment to amplify a 2 kb fragment of Arabidopsis 
genomic DNA with specific primers for that region. Until a few 
weeks ago all went perfectly well but now I am recieving only smear
with the same reactions conditions as before! I have already tried to
use freshly autoclaved water, new nucleotides, new buffer, 
an other polymerase and I also used new primers ( same sequence ).
If you probably know how this kind of smear arises and what I can do
against it please tell me!
My e-mail adress is : bergera at 
I would like it best if you write directly to that adress 
because in a few weeks I have to be finished with my diploma work and 
would be very thankful to recieve useful mail before
Thank you very much in advance

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