Hot Start PCR

T. S. Grewal sasgrewl at
Thu Sep 21 07:41:25 EST 1995

Hi Jose,
I have been using TaqStart antibody (ClonTech) for hot start PCRs.
It works really well for us, especially for random priming PCR. It is 
a bit more expensive than other systems (wax beads etc.) but i find
it very conveinent to use - what i do is prepare a 50 x polymerase
mix containing Taq plus TaqStart. This mix can be stored at -20 C and 
is ready to add direct to the PCR tubes. No hassles.
(ps these are my views etc.) 

On 20 Sep 1995, jose wrote:

> I've been toying with the idea of hot start PCR to get a cleaner PCR
> product and  minimizing primer mismatch.  However, by looking at the
> literature and the catalogs, there seems to be a few different ways in
> which to do this ranging from using wax to separate Taq polymerase from
> your other reagents, using wax beads with Mg and a Mg free buffer etc. 
> What's the best and/or easiest way to do this?
> -- 
> Jose Manaligod, MD
> University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
> Iowa City Iowa
> jmanalig at

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