mini-preps: sodium iodide vs. guanidinium

Michael Szardenings msz at
Thu Sep 21 06:50:26 EST 1995

Sorry, this mail was sent from the wrong address before, so for those just
using reply towards my address, here it is again:

As most of you I am doing a lot of minipreps from plasmids. To use the DNA
further without any extra purification it seems to be practical to use
kits that are based on the binding of DNA to solid beads. Glass beads
require the use of NaI for binding and seem not to be compatible with
standard Birnboim&Doyle procedures, where RNA can be removed with Rnase in
some steps. I know at least one kit from Genomed, which contains a
different resin in guanidinium.HCl solutions. This worked wonderful for
me, but is bad for the budget although cheaper than Qiagen's mini-columns.

Does anybody know the real difference between kits?

and even more... Does anybody know how to make them yourself? I know
glassbeads are described on several sites on WWW etc, but what about the
guanidinium resin. It seems to be some kind of silica gel.

Thanks in advance

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