E.coli strain B834(DE3) requested

gen at MED1.BMI.AC.CN gen at MED1.BMI.AC.CN
Thu Sep 21 03:50:41 EST 1995

I have expressed some recombinant genes in BL21(DE3) with expression level
between 10-50% total cellular proteins. I heard from NAR that the E.coli strain
B834(DE3) , which is the origenal strain of BL21(DE3) is superior to BL21(DE3).
I want to try if it is true and I should be very grateful if anyone can provide
the B834(DE3) to me. Thanks in advance.
Cui Libin 
Institute of Biotechnology    
P.O. Box 130(8)               Fax:   +86-10-8213044      
Beijing, 100850 CHINA         Email: gen at med1.bmi.ac.cn 

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