LDH in cell culture

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> Hello all!
> We growth endothelial cells and vascular smooth muscle cells (human,
> rat, bovine). For an in vitro check of cytotoxicity we want to
> meassure the LDH-content. 
> My question: has anyone an idea of the LDH-concentration one has to be
> expected in 25cmE2 dishes with approx. 10E5 cells.
> Thank you, Heiko

TONS.  LDH assays are very sensitive.  For example we purposely lyse
neurons and assay their LDH activity in order to quantify neuronal size
(and number).  If we extract 8000 neurons in 100 ul of homogenate
buffer, we get plenty of signal from 20 ul of the extract.  For
cytotoxicity assays we can detect LDH in 100 ul of culture medium from
1000 neurons grown in a well of a 96-well plate in a total volume of
200 ul of medium.
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