Gilson pipetter calibration protocol wanted.

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>ok..there is the very old blue gilsons's and the old blue ones.
>the very old ones are characterized by a couple of hex bolts built into the
>black knob you turn to change the settings...this is lacking in the newer
>Anyhow...before starting...if you have the blue ones with the hex
>bolts...first undo the hex nut/bolt with an 'Alan key/wrench'
>Now, looking above in the axis of the will see the black turning
>knob which has an outer and inner circle in the newer model...or is one solid
>piece in the older model...
>1. How to adjust new model: [snip]
>2. With the old model...I have not performed calibration...I think you have to
>turn the top/bottom half of the black knob while keeping the bottom /top half
>stationery. sorry..not sure about this one...

The bottom and top of the micrometer knob are part of the same piece 
and cannot be turned relative to each other. The older models with the 
hex nuts can be recalibrated by turning the metallic threaded 
component that is the closest to the plunger shaft at the top of the 
micrometer knob. The UPPER hex nuts on the micrometer knob hold this 
in place and must be loosened before turning. The component to be 
turned has a slot for a screwdriver in it, but the plunger shaft must 
be removed (a more complex procedure) to take advantage of it. 

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