HELPÙ EtBr disposal

Michael Szardenings msz at
Sat Sep 23 05:22:00 EST 1995

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>      Hi everybody,
>      Does anybody know a safe way for disposal of EtBr? In the lab I'm working
> in they simply dilute it in water, but if there's a better way, I'd like to
> know about it. The problem is that we have no easy access to places in which
> they can treat it, so we have to manage the disposal on our own. I'd welcome
> any kind of suggestion, thanks.

There is some FAQ list around dealing with this, check for example
In brief:
For solutions people have suggested many kinds of more or less destructive
chemicals, but they won't do more than just changing the compound from
toxic into differently toxic. Best seems to be some kind of charcoal
filter (you may use old millipore filters) for solutions or just avoid use
of Ethbr in the buffers...
All gels and other solids are to be incinerated (thats the way its dealt
with in Germany and Sweden). Which makes things easy for us here, as all
garbage is incinerated anyway.


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