"recycling" Qiagen plasmid prep columns

John Sargeant john01 at ic.ac.uk
Sat Sep 23 03:58:08 EST 1995

In article <Pine.SUN.3.91.950920090418.2589A-100000 at chuma>,
leverone at CHUMA.CAS.USF.EDU ("Marianne Leverone ", BIO) wrote:

> John:  I have reused Qiagen 100 columns and I get the same yield each 
> reuse for about 4 times (although the yield does seem to drop a little 
> bit each use).  I use one type of plasmid per column and after 
> elution of the plasmid, I just let the column dry at room temp. then 
> store it in a plastic bag until it gets reused.  I used to wash the 
> column with wash buffer and then add elution buffer before drying but I 
> found that this didn't help and sometimes the column got clogged up.  
> Marianne Leverone, Univ. of South Florida, Biology Dept. Tampa, FL  
I have not tried it, but what do people think of the even more radical
(and possibly ill conceived) idea of washing the column with a reagent
which would destroy any contaminating DNA.  For example HCl.  This would
avoid the problem of having to assign a column to a particular plasmid
construct.  Mike.  m.witty at ic.ac.uk.

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