Non radioactive labelling and detection

h.woo h.woo at
Sat Sep 23 08:14:29 EST 1995

<rcha244 at> wrote:
>Im looking for some feedback on peoples experience of commercially 
>available kits for non radioctive labelling and detection. I'm 
>about to start using non radioactive methods for the first time and
>was hoping that somebody can recommend one. If anybody uses home made
>kits I'd be interested to hear your comments.Thanks for the help.
>Paul Crossey

I am using Boehringer's DIG labelling kit for dot blot and southern blot. 
Just a few observations as follows:

1. Less sensitive than P32 probe, therefore you need to put more target 
DNA on membrane.

2. DIG-labelled fragment probe seems more sensitive than DIG-labelled 
oligo probe.

3. Re-probing membrane appears inconsistent.

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