Non radioactive labelling and detection

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Sun Sep 24 22:58:31 EST 1995

"John K. Troyer" <jtroyer at> wrote:
>On 22 Sep 1995 rcha244 at wrote:
>> Im looking for some feedback on peoples experience of commercially 
>> available kits for non radioctive labelling and detection. I'm 
>> about to start using non radioactive methods for the first time and
>> was hoping that somebody can recommend one. If anybody uses home made
>> kits I'd be interested to hear your comments.Thanks for the help.
>I have used the Boehringer Mannheim digoxigenin labeling kit extensively 
>and have been very happy with its performance.   I would give it a strong 
>recommendation.   Happy labeling!
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>University of Maryland School of Medicine
>Department of Biological Chemistry
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I too recommend the Boehringer Mannheim "Genius" kit. It 
has worked well for me consistently. 

Rachel Fernandez
University of Cincinnati
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