differential molecular screening

L. Bastian yacman at homer12
Sun Sep 24 22:22:02 EST 1995

I would like to open a very general discussion regarding comparison of 
methods to identify differences in cells in cells that are changed in 
some way.   For example, both subtraction libraries and differential 
display have been utilized to successfully identify genes that are 
expressed (or have inhibited expression) differentially in 
hormone-stimulated or differentiated cells.  Each of these techniques, I 
imagine have their particular problems (I haven't tried either).  
Subtraction libraries look technically difficult.  Differential display 
looks relatively easy, however I would guess that the inherent problems 
with PCR are likely to generate a lot of false leads.  I would also guess 
that both techniques are more likely to identify radical changes in 
structural genes associated with the change, rather than, more subtle and 
less abundant alterations in expression in regulatory genes.  Any comment 
on my speculations would be appreciated. 
	A couple questions.  Are there any reviews out there that compare 
these (and possibly other) techniques?  Also, both of these techniques 
look at differences in gene expression.  Anyone have any creative ideas 
for screening post-transcriptional alterations in cell function?

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