Alternative to Glogos Autorad Markers

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>>Hi, Is there any autorad marker in the market other than Stratagene's 
>>"GlogosII" ? I found Glogos are kinda expensive (300 markers:$126). 
>>Moreover they do not sell smaller size lots.
>>Thanks in advance.
>Go to any art store and get a 10 ml bottle of fluorescent (actually
>phosphorescent) paint.  They often have it in the kids section.  Use it to
>paint numbers, letters, dots, whatever on some sticky labels.  Works like a
>charm for a number of people, including me.
>Warren Gallin,
>Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta
>wgallin at

I used a plastic glow-in-the-dark shoelace that I cut into small dots.
It worked great. The glow only lasted a few minutes so I never got an 
overexposure no matter how long I had to leave my filters to expose. They
don't work for phosphoimagers however.

Some cheap kids stickers work nice too but they are not reusable.

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