UK Distributor for Molecular Probes Inc.

ICleme1659 icleme1659 at
Mon Sep 25 22:46:35 EST 1995

Molecular Probes Inc now has an office located in Lieden in the
Netherlands under the name of Molecular Probes Europe BV (creative huh).

It is not just a distributor but a small part of MPI offering local
currency pricing and technical support on a Europe time zone.

Molecular Probes Europe BV
Rijnsburgerweg 10
2333 AA Lieden
The Netherlands
Fax:  31-715-233419
Tel:  31-715-233431 (Technical assistance)
Tel:  31-715-236850 (Customer services)
Tel:  31-715-233378 (General Information)

Ian Clements
Technical Assistant
Molecular Probes Inc

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