"recycling" Qiagen plasmid prep columns

Christian Velten 100736.2071 at compuserve.com
Tue Sep 26 12:13:03 EST 1995

jnbradsh at STUD.MED.CORNELL.EDU (John Bradsher) wrote:

>Dear netters:
>        I have a general interest that I wonder if someone can help me
>with.  I have used Qiagen plasmid prep columns for large scale
>purifications, and I wonder if these things can be re-used. 

Hi John,

I´m doing the regeneration of the columns for quit a while now, and
never had any kind of plasmid contamination in preparations (e.g.
previously plasmid A in preparated plasmid B) and also never had a
decrease in plasmid yield (but finally I´ve never done quantitativ
analysis). My protocoll:

- use one volume of elution buffer after plasmid collection and push
everything out
- store in 70% EtOH until enough columns are collected
- autoclav them
- dry the columns in 37° C room
- store dry and use again

I never investigated why this works, but it does!

See you,

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