help -- BSA for Turbo buffer?

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Tue Sep 26 14:21:55 EST 1995

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> I need to make turbo buffer for capillary PCR.  The function of BSA in
> this buffer is to prevent reaction components from sticking to the glass. 
> I'm not sure which of the many types and levels of purity available from,
> say, Sigma would be most appropriate.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

Idaho Technology (IT) recommends Sigma BSA (cat. # A2153)... we've tried
to substitute the BSA that NEB supplies with its enzymes and much to our
surprise it did not work... at least not at  250 micrograms/ml... also IT
recommends *against* using acetylated BSA... so if you go with the above
Sigma preparation you should have no problem...

anthony furano

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