Papers onWhole mount Immunochemistry

Jfloring at Jfloring at
Tue Sep 26 09:17:12 EST 1995

Hi- Been there, done that.  I have 2 papers on the subject- one chick embryo,
and one rat embryo- works great.  (BTW- the first reference was the first
report on this technique- time passes, people forget.)  Here are the
* Loring, J.F., and C.A. Erickson. (1987)  Neural crest cell migratory
pathways in the trunk of the chick embryo.  Develop. Biol. 121: 220-236.
* C.A. Erickson, J.F. Loring, and S. Lester. (1989)  Patterns of HNK-1
immunoreactive neural crest cells in the rat embryo.  Develop. Biol. 134:
These were fluorescent antibodies- it works well with AP or HRP, too.
Cheers,  Jeanne

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