Postdoc position avaiable

Andrew Matus matus at
Mon Sep 25 08:21:50 EST 1995

A postdoctoral Fellowship of up to 3 years duration will become
available in my group from February 1st 1996. We are studying genes
involved in neuronal development and plasticity and we have recently
begun using constructs with green fluorescent protein fused to target
proteins to follow dynamic events in living cells. The technique is up
and running and we have excellent equipment and facilities. The
Friedrich Miescher Institute provides a great working environment -
facilities are excellent and the scientific atmosphere stimulating.
There are 22 groups all doing basic research in various aspects of cell
and molecular biology, with around 200 scientists, mostly students and
postdocs, who come from 30 different countries. 

Applicants for this position should have a thorough training in
molecular biology and a strong determination to succeed. Interviews are
possible here in Basel. I shall also (probably) attend the December
meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology in Washington and I'll
be in London in early January. I do not hire without prior interview.
Enquiries from persons interested in joining the laboratory at later
dates are also welcome.  

Send applications and enquiries to Dr. A. Matus, Friedrich Miescher
Institut, P.O.Box 2543, 4002, Basel, Switzerland. Fax +41-61-697-3976,
E-mail matus at

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