detecting UV induced DNA damage

Deepa Subramanian dsubrama at
Wed Sep 27 15:14:06 EST 1995


I am currently starting up some experiments to test if the protein i am working
with has any affinity for UV damaged DNA.  I am going to use a germicidal lamp
to damage end labeled DNA followed by binding assays.  However, before I do the
assays I would like to determine if lesions have been created in the DNA.  
Could anyone suggest some easy assays to test UV treated, endlabeled DNA for 
the presence of lesions.  Someone has already suggested that I use AP 
endonuclease which is comercially available from Applied Genetics. However, 
when I called the company up they said that they no longer sell the enzyme.  
Please email your suggestions to me at Subramanian.5 at  Thank you for 
your help.

Deepa Subramanian

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