Help explain my DNA bands smearing

Petri Kursula pkursula at
Wed Sep 27 03:50:31 EST 1995

On 26 Sep 1995, lingyu zhang wrote:

> I have the same problem as Jene's and I was doing a Southern. The 
> bands were smear after probing. I had tried to clean up the genomic 
> DNA but still no luck. Any input? Thanks.
> Lingyu
> 406 PS
> University of Nebraska-Lincoln
> Lincoln, NE 68583-0722
Well, I'd guess that your probe contains sequences that appear frequently 
in the genome. e.g. Alu sequences... Another reason might be that you 
haven't washed your filters enough, with genomic southerns you should 
probably wash them well with 0,5x SSC 0,1% SDS and then expose for a long 
time... 2 weeks?

Petri Kursula
Dept. Pathology
University of Oulu

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