what transfection internal positive control?

jfh jfhess at ucdavis.edu
Tue Sep 26 13:59:46 EST 1995

howdy everyone,

I'm beginning to think about transfecting some cells and measuring
relative levels of CAT activity.  Way back in the old days, I just did
the transfections a few times, saw if the results were consistent between
experiments and that was that.

Nowadays, the right way to do the experiment is to include an internal
positive control with each construct to be assayed.  Can you post what
you are using for this? and where you got it?

Like I said, I expect to be assaying CAT activity, so internal cat
plasmids aren't wise.

Also, are lipofection reagents the way to go?  I have experience with
CaPO4 and DEAE dextran but not with lipofection.  


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