library screening question

Peter Thoren genpt at
Wed Sep 27 15:34:05 EST 1995

Hello netters,

This question might seem pretty basic but I need to ask it anyway... I am 
going to screen my library with short oligonucleotides in order to find clones 
containing microsatellites. This library have been transfered to non-charged 
nylon membranes (Boehringer) and the positives are going to be detected with 
Boehringers Luminescens kit. My question is: We are going to put the filters 
in hybridization tubes and hybridize in an hybridization owen (Hybaid), how 
many filters can we put on top of eachother in the tubes without riscing bad 

Thanks in advance!

Peter Thoren
Dept.of Genetics
Uppsala University

Peter.Thoren at

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