which electroporator ?

Dima Klenchin klenchin at macc.wisc.edu
Thu Sep 28 13:40:57 EST 1995

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   bhassel at orion.rz.mdc-berlin.de (Burkhard Hassel) wrote:

>Our group wants to purchase an electroporator, so Id like you to give me some
>brief information about the mashines you are working with (reliability /

What do you intent to use the eleporator for? Bacteria or eukariots? 
It's crucial. The most fool-proof choice (compatibility with 
most other users) is to buy Bio-Rad main unit + "pulse controller"
(= an array of resistors in the box; useful for bacteria) + 
"capacotor extender" (= an array of capacitors in the box; useful for 

Hope it helps. 

- Dima

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