DNA sequence analysis via the net

NAME gmckenzie at ivory.trentu.ca
Fri Sep 29 11:00:27 EST 1995

I am a 4th yr undergrad at a small Canadian Univ with a background in Mol. Bio and Genetics. Consequently I am taking a Computer Sci. course whose premise is to answer an academic que. via the "net" With my background in the above i want to take a nucleic acid and do: Homology, phylogeny, seq. alignment and get some inference in regards to secondary and tertiary structure. Then possibly make some inference about function. I am "green" at this as is the faculty here.
I am aware of blasta, fasta, Swiss-prot and phylip programs. My problem is what is the logical order of attack to solve the above i.e. a plan of attack from start to finish?  I have use of Unix machines and DEC workstations to run molecular graphics programs like Rasmol. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thanx  G.McKenzie  GMckenzie at trentu.ca

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