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Hi Bill,

I envy you all that Whiskey around you ;)

Anyhow,  take a look at the biotech company registry

I believe there is a phone number and email for Lark...they have a
UK office and do DNA sequencing..

there may be several others also but cannot remember if they are in the UK



p.s. stayed near Oban on Loch Lomand for a week once (near the hydroelectric
dam) ...and it rained every day!!

Bill Burnett (bbur at wrote:
: Hi all...

: Can anyone suggest / recommend a good commercial sequencing operation in 
: Scotland?  I want to put cycle sequencing products in the post and get 
: chromatograms back... Used to do this in Australia but now I'm in Oban my old 
: service in Melbourne is not QUITE so convenient...  It also used to be very 
: cheap, A$10 per lane... about £4... Anyone compete with that?

: Also... has anyone tried Promega's Silver Sequence system?

: With baited breath...

: Bill Burnett

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