Custom coloning service

Onan toneil1 at
Fri Sep 29 08:58:24 EST 1995

On Thu, 28 Sep 1995, Rinkei Ko wrote:

> I wonder if there are any custom coloning services available with decent 
> amount of charge. Our lab is not well equiped as molecular biology and 
> time is limited. We have 3000kb chromosome DNA exracted from bacteria and 
> 1kb probe for screening. We know EcoRI digested chromosome DNA hybridizes 
> to the probe at 9kb fragment. We like to get the 9kb fragment of the DNA as 
> soon as possible. Please give me any information for Custom DNA cloning. 
> Thank you in advance.
> 	Rinkei

A word of warning, do not use DNA TECHNOLOGIES, INC. of Rockville, MD. 
Our lab had a VERY bad experience with this company, including blatant 
lies from company research directors about the status of the project we 
had contracted them to do. In the end, they wasted a few months of our 
time, and got absolutely nothing accomplished. We lost about $600 worth 
of mRNA.
					Expect Coincidences,
					Thomas O'Neill

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