Can't find the gene!

Hilde Nilsen hilden at
Fri Sep 29 07:55:06 EST 1995

Hallo out there.

I am trying to clone a mouse-gene for which the human sequence is
known.I have tryed PCR-based techniques with degenerate primers for
a conserved region of the human gene. I get loads of bands, even at 
high temperatures, but none of them seems to be the right one. 
I have cycle sequenced them and cloned them, but this doesn't give me
additional information. Is it wise to choose degenerate primers from
conserved areas? Or should I rather pick primers for a less conserved
area to avoid the problem with other genes containing the same motives?

Resently I have done Souhtern blotting with a humane-specific probe, 
but I don't get any signal even at low stringency. This despite of 
the fact the the gene is very much conserved.

Anyone with ANY idea, please contakt me: I am going desperate.

Yours sincerely
Hilde Nilsen

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